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                             Sr. Carmel C.J

Dear Friends,

I must accept the fact that we were slow in reaching out to our friends and well-wishers through our web site.  The fact is that the elder people like me, still take time to adapt the modern ways of communication.  This does not mean the school remained idle in its mission, rather it was very much alive with different kinds of activities besides teaching and learning.

 These days the papers bring about a lot of incidents and matters which are painful and unimaginable; at the same time the papers of 4th and 5th Sept. and some of the magazines spoke much about Saint Mother Teresa of Kolkata, whose life and work give hope and strength to the people of India and people around the world.  It was Mother Teresa who said , “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”  Today more than 4800 missionary sisters and thousands of volunteers carry on the work of Saint Teresa in Kolkata and around the world in 133 countries.

 In the school, the students displayed the simple life style of Mother Teresa and her love, compassion and exceptional service to the needy, to the unwanted and unearned.  I do believe that the students after having heard about her heroic activities will bring some positive attitude towards the poor and neglected.  On 15th September  a quiz on Gandhiji was conducted for classes 10, 11 and 12 and 16th September, the Alumnae association organized a competition for students of classes 10, 11 and 12 on Gandhiji’s life in today’s perspective.

 This year had been declared as the year of mercy by no less a person than His Holiness Pope Francis.  In accordance with his wishes, we too tried to contribute our mite to help people in need in our field of work.

 The school took an active part in reaching out to the poor and needy.  The staff and students generally helped the flood victims of Bihar.  Few of us visited a part of the flood affected areas in Shahabad district,  helped them materially and listened to their sorrow.

 We make an effort to keep up the values of Mother Mary Ward,  Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. 

 May God bless each one of you and your family members to lead a happy and grace filled life in order to spread peach and harmony among our people in India and in the world at large.


Sr. Carmel C.J.

The Manager