Provincial Head


Dear friends,

We thank the Lord for enabling us – the C.J. Sisters – to help the people of our nation for the past hundred and sixty one years and we implore His blessings for the years ahead.

“What a wonderful sight to behold weak, timid women hurrying to the ends of the world, to devote themselves with truly maternal love to the education of…… children. How much your Guardian angels rejoice at this! My own heart leaps within my breast for very joy!” – Bishop Hartman to the first CJ sisters from Germany on their way to Patna. (1853)

Mary Ward Our Foundress was born on January 23rd 1585, in England at the time of the great religious intolerance. She had a passionate love for Sincerity, Justice and Freedom and she consistently endeavored to live out these qualities. She, a woman of great faith saw the need for a sound religious education for young women who would assume responsibilities in society and in the church. For, as she said, “women in time to come will do much”. She was a woman of vision and saw the potential of women and the need for their education. In 1609, Mary Ward left her homeland England, and with a small group of likeminded women opened a school for girls in St.Omer (present France). From this humble beginning came Mary Ward’s worldwide congregation, its two branches known as the Congregation of Jesus (C.J.) and the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loreto Sisters/ IBVM) for over four hundred years, we have been educating the leaders of tomorrow. Mother Mary Ward’s dream and hope in what could be achieved through the education of girls and young women have proved to be well founded.

The Sisters’ of the Congregation of Jesus Charism and Education is inspired by a vision of humanity and human values drawn from the teaching of Jesus Christ. Guided by this vision and based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius whose spirit we have imbibed as a Congregation, we place before the staff and students the high ideals of human service and striving for excellence in everything. Therefore we give in the education, the thrust and focus of the charism, the “education of the whole person”-Passionate mind and Compassionate hearts. We give importance to girls’ education as our Foundress Venerable Mother Mary Ward was inspired by the Lord Jesus himself to educate the girls. She perceived through the education of girls a better future by forming better mothers and brining up better families, a better society, a better nation and a better world. Four hundred years ago Mother Mary Ward boldly proclaimed that “women in time to come will do greater things”. It is a reality today as we see in our life time. The purpose of CJ/ Marywardian education is to help the individual as a member of the human community, to develop in oneself, all the God – of nation given talents and abilities. We as Congregation of Jesus and in the Catholic tradition see education holistically and give stress to the formation of the entire person -Body, Mind, Spirit (heart) and soul integration.

The C.J. education challenges students to think clearly and think for themselves. They can go against the current accepted false hoods and accept and acquire true knowledge. They are encouraged to grow personally and spiritually, mentally and emotionally. They are encouraged to test the values of today and develop a sense of responsibility towards themselves and to the communities and the nation at large. True values of Godliness will be considered as their wealth and aim. Thus they will learn to “balance self-reliance with interdependence, knowledge with spirituality and mind with heart”.

On behalf of the CJ sisters of Patna Province I express my sincere appreciation for the valuable services rendered by the past and present staff and students of SJC. SJC in an undertaking of the CJ sisters striving to fulfill the above-mentioned vision and objectives. The staff and the students have been our collaborators in this task.

Sr. Vimla CJ
Provincial Superior