The three alphabets L.T.S are of great importance and play a pivotal role in shaping young minds L.T.S which stands for leadership training for service is a social movement. Its motto is “For God and country – let your light shine”. Selfless service is what underlines the concept of leadership in L.T.S along with daily personal prayer and reading good looks on great leaders. It ignites their generosity nurturing their inborn talents and inculcating humanitarian values.
The first L.T.S Deepak which was lit at Kurseong on 2nd July 1959 gradually spread its rays to different parts of India and to some foreign countries.
St. Joseph Convent High School Patna was the first school in Patna to start this movement in the year 1974 with Sr. Genevieve as its guide.L.T.S promoter Fr. Wirth S.J was invited to give an orientation to class ten.
A good number of them joined the L.T.S.
Since 1994 till today i.e. 2014 it has been and is still working very actively under the able guidance of Mrs. Shubhra Roy. The children are motivated and inspired to develop social awareness, love, for humanity, social service, self-sacrifice, simplicity, truthfulness and purity at heart.
Exposure programmers are organized. They were taken out on 2nd July 2010/11 to feed hundred beggars (which is known as Daridra). Narayan Bhojan at mahavir mandir at Patna railway station new market; they are taken out for camps with night halts also. So far they have visited schools for the poor children at Gulni, shahpur, Ithari, leper colony at Dheebra, Mother Teresa Orphange at Patna city. Interaction with the inmates has sent waves of happiness, hope, and administration all around. Sense of joy and satisfaction rents the air with cultural activities and games. An annual subscription of Rs 125/- per L.T.S is charged. The amount collected is well utilized for buying stationary items for the poor children, giving financial aid in many spheres like adopting two/ three families and meeting their expenditure. This is how L.T.S functions bringing joy and happiness to everybody. All this was possible and is possible with full support and co-operation of our Principles all along.
At present seventy-seven students from classes eight to twelve. May God bless them and their efforts to bring the L.T.S Light too many more people in need.

Shubhra Roy
L.T.S Animator